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Last updated: 13h October 2010

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The links below provide some further information regarding other European gay clubs and tournaments, as well as those located in the London area and throughout the UK.

[European Gay Tournament Info]


Out For Sport

[Gay Badminton Clubs in the London Area]

Goslings Badminton Club (Tuesday)

B- to B+ standard - feather shuttlesTuesday evenings from 8pm to 10pm (6 courts).  Open to everyone (male & female), except beginners.  Play in Kensington Sports Centre near Holland Park tube.

Goslings Badminton Club

C to B+ standard (plastic shuttles).  Thursday evenings (3 courts).  Social club open to everyone (male & female).  Also have a sister club who play on a Monday evening with feather shuttles.

Long Yang Badminton Club

Caters for all standards from C to A players (plastic shuttles).  Sundays from 3pm to 6pm (6 courts).  Coaching available from 1pm to 3pm Sundays (1 court).

Harrow Gay Badminton Club

Caters for C to B- players (plastic shuttles)Sundays from 7pm to 9pmSocial club open to everyone.  Based in NW London.

[Other Gay Badminton Clubs in the UK]

Team Scotland Badminton Club

Caters for all standard from C to A players (feather shuttles) Social and competitive club based in Glasgow.

Blagss Badminton Club

Caters for C to B+ players (plastic shuttles). Social and competitive club based in Brighton.  

Northern Flight

Caters for B- to A standard (feather shuttles).  Tuesday evenings from 8-10pm (3 courts). Social and competitive club.

Manchester, GHAP

Caters for all standards.  Wednesday evening.  Social club.

Badminton Social, Nottingham

Caters for all standards.

[Other Gay Badminton Clubs in EUROPE]

Belgium: Brussels - BGS

Belgium: Antwerp - Active Company

Denmark: Copenhagen - Pan Badminton

France: Paris - Acrobad

France: Paris - Goodminton

France: Paris - Sitebad

Germany: Berlin - Vorspiel

Germany: Jumping Asparagus

Germany: Munich - Team Munich

Germany: Munster - Androgym

Germany: Hamburg - Startschuss

Germany: Saarbrukken - Courage

Germany: Stuttgart - Abseitz

Germany: Koln - SC Janus

Hungary: Budapest - BadmintonG

Netherlands: Eindhoven - Kouros

Switzerland: Zurich